Don’t Apply for a Credit Card Again If You Still Have the Following Properties

The provision of credit card services by the bank is a banking product that has many advantages for customers. However, users must be observant, both seeing the advantages and see the shortcomings offered. If you are not aware of its use, remember that credit cards can be disastrous.

There are a number of conditions that reduce your chance to become the right credit card user. Unfortunately, these conditions can afflict anyone with their basic nature. In essence, the nature of a person affects the person’s eligibility to use a credit card. Therefore, consider carefully the desire to apply for a credit card if you still have the following properties.


1. Wasteful

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Never apply for a credit card if you are a wasteful individual. You could shop every time because of it. The reason is, the main loss from using a credit card occurs when a customer is unable to pay off his credit bills. Not to mention the interest rates charged tend to be high so it is considered very detrimental.

Credit cards are aimed at customers who are able to control their buying behavior. They know well which needs are primary and which are secondary. So repayment can be done easily because the bills are controlled and not subject to loan interest.


2. Easy “Hungry Eyes”

This condition, which is often considered normal and easy to find, can actually be very detrimental to credit card users. Because, as much as any credit card limit, if its use is not controlled it will definitely run out too. Therefore, don’t think about using a credit card transaction if you are someone who is easily attracted to something and immediately wants to buy it.

For example, you like visiting online trading sites and are easily attracted to the items offered. As a result, you will rely on credit cards to buy these items because you are hungry. The bill swelled. So, don’t be hungry if you have a credit card.


3. Financial Plans Always Miss

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If you are an individual who cannot follow a predetermined financial plan, undo your intention to use a credit card right now. A financial plan that always misses indirectly in addition to showing the inability to manage spending also shows the inability to pay credit debt in full payment and on time.

To work around this, you can use the services of financial advisors to get useful advice related to financial problems. After learning how to use credit cards wisely, then follow your desire to use a credit card.


4. The absence of “Alarm”

The alarm here means other people both family and close friends who care about your financial life. The presence of these friends will be needed because they will remind when the use of credit cards is outside the normal limits. Moreover, the friend can help to formulate a good financial plan.

Actually there are trust factors that apply to this condition. It’s only natural that you prefer to listen to advice from people you trust rather than other people you don’t know.


5. Not Recognizing Credit Cards Often “Vanish”

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Stop credit card transactions if you catch a family member or friend using a credit card without permission. Problems like this always occur due to lack of awareness of customers with their valuables. Even worse, some customers even let others take advantage of their credit card limits.

To overcome this, you can try to increase sensitivity to the temporary loss of credit cards. If necessary, take decisive actions such as deactivating a credit card when it’s lost so that there are no charges that will be detrimental in the future.


6. Less Control Every Transaction

If you are a person who is lazy to control all transactions made but not yet paid, get ready to be haunted by credit debt. How not to record all forms of transactions is something that must be done by all credit card users.

Losing a purchase memorandum is the same as eliminating evidence that the bill has been paid. Although it can be easily tracked by credit card providers, there must be times when your laziness is used by other people to make “dark” transactions.


Think Again Before Transactioning With a Credit Card

Think Again Before Transactioning With a Credit Card

If the conditions described are facing you, think again about wanting to apply for a credit card. Do not let their use actually damage the stability of financial life.

In addition, remember that losses incurred by credit cards not only affect the user, but also the people around him. Therefore, consider wisely the shortcomings and shortcomings that can be taken before making a credit card as the main transaction tool.

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